Accessibility coding for your website

Are you at risk for an accessibility lawsuit due to your website not being ADA compliant?

We help companies mitigate common accessibility risks! 

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  • The number of web-related ADA lawsuits rise every year (according to summary of 2022 web related ADA lawsuit statistics)
  • More than 96% of websites fail WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) conformity
  • Ignoring ADA requirements puts your website at risk of lawsuits, brand tarnish, and missed opportunities.
  • ADA compliant best practices improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization and AI Optimization

The Process in Making Your Website ADA Compliant

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Step 1:  Audit your website for ADA and WCAG compliance


  • Integrate automated, manual and assistive technology testing 
  • Do a comprehensive crawl of the website
  • Have us (humans not bots) thoroughly review the code
  • Use tools to access the website


Step 2: Fix the ADA website compliance issues found in Step 1

  • Our ADA compliance specialists in each area (ARIA tagging, page structure, contrast, font, etc.) will use their expertise to fix each area 
  • We address ADA issues to correct underlying code instead of using quick fixes like plugins


Step 3: Keep and Maintain Your Website’s ADA Compliance

  • It is important to continuously audit your website after major updates or changes
  • New pages need to have the same ADA parameters, tagging, structure, etc.